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About us

Eshan Traders has been servicing the people and businesses since December – 2012.

Eshan’s original commitment to providing only quality products, outstanding service and working in partnerships with customers remains unchanged, only expanded and strengthened.

Being an independent company enables us to have the flexibility to import or purchase local products to ensure our customers get the very best product and value for money.

Electrical Geared Motors, Electrical Sensor , Measuring & Analysis Instruments

 are exported by us in extensive range.

Eshan Traders is proudly recognised as a supplier of value to the manufacturing industries, retails, trade, building construction firms, government, engineering & household repairs to home handyman. We consider the strength of our company to be the depth of specialized knowledge displayed by our team.

Our strategy is to develop branded products that are chosen by consumers for the value they deliver.

Eshan Traders is a one stop solution for our product range. Originally serving the progressing outwards for Exports. We supply to the Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America & many more countries. We deal in large range of Low Voltage Switchgears, Industrial Electrical, Industrial Automation, Panel Accessories, Hand Tools, Measuring & Analysis Instruments, Mechanical Power Transmission, Domestic Electrical, Industrial Supplies, Office Stationeries and General Supplies. Including world recognized producers. Our "can-do" attitude means, if by some chance we don’t have what you are looking for - we will do our best to find it for you. Our small team environment adds to our relaxed atmosphere and friendly service!


Delivering Value Promise

  • Offering “Quality Products.”
  • Deals with “Market Leading Brands.”
  • Delivery on Time.
  • Offering Promotional Programs.
  • Focus on growing Client’s business
  • Have an open and honest communication.


Doing business based on loyalty, trust and a successful culture, we continue to add value with innovation and excellent service. Our company is working with the mission to build long lasting relationships with the clients on the basis of trust, loyalty and successful culture...


Be the preferred and first choice for the value we create.


The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to our business. Being available, listening and always doing our best are central to delivering value to all our customers.

We strive to work together to achieve much more then we can achieve alone. Together we overcome any setbacks and together we celebrate our success.

We strive to always be fair and honest in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors and each other and become prime choice of numerous customers.

Through our passion and commitment we aim to be a market leader in all our key markets and segments. To maintain our position as market leader we must continue to add value in all that we do.


We pursue sustainability within our operation by striving to be socially responsible, environmentally aware and economically viable.

Sustainability is important to us because fundamentally, it’s the right thing to do and customers and our team members expect it. We make no claim to be perfect and we understand that our operations have an impact.

We seek to lessen our environmental impact in ways that are measurable including: achieving better and ethically; encouraging and educating customers about environmentally friendly alternatives; and focusing on the “reduce, re-use and recycle” waste management principles.

We are committed to conducting our operations in a manner which reduces environmental risk and adverse effects on the environment in which we operate. We acknowledge the need to incorporate environmentally sound practices into our core business strategies, plans and processes and have made the long-term commitment to update our practices, where possible, in light of advances in technology and best practice.

Some examples of initiatives the Eshan Traders have implemented to date include:

  • Re-use of resources such as used paper, stationery etc.
  • Using the latest high energy efficient lighting technology in the workplace.
  • Use of natural light, no lighting requires most days.
  • Use of recycled material in packaging.


Eshan Traders works with suppliers who deliver the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost. Our suppliers are innovative and dedicated to driving continuous improvement in their operations. As an integrated operating company, we harness our size, strength and scope through the common tools and processes to drive change and rapidly leverage best practices across the organization. To this end, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) group actively assists in improving profitability and accelerating the realignment and global consolidation of our businesses. Our efforts benefit our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work.

Services Provided By Us

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